Saturday, 7 May 2011

ahhhhh wrong key

There is a reason I was sounding terrible (aside from the fact I do actually sound terrible) I was playing guitar just outside my vocal range...capo to the rescue to change the guitar pitch to suit, and voila it sounds reasonable. It actually sounds reasonable..bloody hell.

I even managed to get through a whole song which I have saved for posterity....and let the girls listen to it...they liked it :D

Not brave enough yet to post on here but with a bit more practice and tweeking of the "make him sound good" buttons I will post something soon.

I won't be entering any of Simon Cowells make fun of the deluded shows any time soon...but just for me to be able to sing and strum my way through a whole song is bloody great :D

yeahhh.. I feel good!!!!

I knew that I would!


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