Sunday, 8 May 2011

Not intended for music lovers

But I bet it won't stop mum is just a work in progress using some of the gadgets and software I have aquired...don't blame me if you have nightmares after hearing this.

anyway...even though mum likes this (well she would) this is only here as a reference, I hope to improve my recording techniques and my singing over the next couple of weeks, and will do another version of this to compare....I hate the idea of people being able to hear such dross, but its all part of the process to help compare.
The voice for sure needs more PC, and maybe dropped down a tone in post production. Also I have to get my singing rythm in time with my guitar rythm, I stumbled over a lot of bits. Overall though I give it a 4/10....lets see if it improves with time and practice.

And to demonstrate a little how post production can's the same track after a bit of messing......still crap but...not as crappy as before. The surprising addition of a harmonica has me ....surprised...some kind of frequence thing I assume, but not unwelcome really.


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