Sunday, 22 May 2011

Small is beautiful

of course, Bina is quite small...;)

But this is even smaller..

Meet Titch, a 0 body (ie small parlour) 12 fret guitar made by Recording King and designed by Eric Shoenberg, who's a player and builder of pre war finger style guitars which are not as common as they used to be.

He gets companies to produce these designs to his very high standards and puts his name on them. They are quite rare, and often very pricy, but Recording King seem to have worked out a way to keep his standards high but the prices low.
This one is unusual for a 12 fretter becuase it has a cut away, an unheard of concept in prewar styles, but it adds a lot to its playability and this made this design quite special.
As explained in this video

They sold out pretty much as soon as they were released making them quite hard to find, but I located one in the US and haggled the price down to something I could afford.
Now I just have to wait for the Customs people to deliver it to TNT, never a fun thing cos you don't know if they will charge duty based on list price or actual price, important in this case as there's quite a difference.

Why am I still buying guitars when I said I was done....ermmm yeah well....its a good point.

Neither my Breedlove or my Ovation really work as fingerpickers, they have big bodies and thin necks to provide amazing tone, and fast chord changes and while they can do fingerpicking (especially the Breedlove which in my opinion is a great all rounder), you need a smaller tighter feel and a wider neck to do sweet hammers and pull offs without rasping on other strings which is why I've bought this.

This really is the last....apart from a Gibson Blueshawk, when one comes up I can afford (no really...and it will replace my Wesley)

From this point on, its a one in one out policy now, I have no more room. In fact the Ovation Elite may be going soon, I am going to have it set up properly, its always buzzed a littel bit, and if I don't feel it offers me something different than my Breedlove its going on ebay.

Any day now. Postman should be knocking. I chose not to buy a case with this one, normally I do, for security when shipping, especially from the states, but due to being strapped for cash and frankly having no where to put cases, I opted its just in cardboard and packing....I hope it makes it ok.


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