Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Another tidy up...

In an effort to make most use of the space, I've been shuffling things around in the play room...I think I've almost got it sussed now.

I want to start doing a bit more recording and even a bit of vocals (arrghhhh) so need to have space to get all my auto pitch correction stuff and sound proofing etc......I can't sing, at all, but I suppose I should make a bit of an effort to try. So long as its just me listening to it I'll be a lot happier but that means I need to have the recording "studio" part of my kit working again which it hasn't been for a while.

Its quite a challenge fitting so many guitars/cases/pedals/amps, mixers and recorders into a small space....but I think I've cracked it. Pics to follow

edit...hmmm cracked the space issue but rather a lot of nasty hum going into the tube amps....need to try to isolate that.


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