Thursday, 5 May 2011

This singing lark is easy

got a new mic, and a few accessories to go with it. Its not a big expensive one as mics go, its top of the low end price wise, but better than the standard dynamic mic I was using mainly to record acoustic guitar...It never really had any oomph to record voice.

This one does and urrghh I was right, I really can't sing, dull boring flat and insipid when you hear it back, but its extraordinary what a difference a good mic, a few pitch correction additions, a bit of reverb, some chorus and even a bit of envelope shaping can I don't really know either, I just pushed the buttons it said would "improve the quality of the sound" but it does make me sound like a modest half decent pub singer...not ready to inflict my warbles on the masses just yet but maybe soon.

the new layout...

Oh and no I have no long term plans to take up singing as a hobby, I am not that cruel, its to improve my basic timing on guitar. One of my biggest issues is a total lack of rythm, and singing along can help with that a lot....I just don't want to have to listen to me raw unprocessed horrible voice when I am practicing..


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