Saturday, 7 May 2011

Well maybe not THAT easy.

After spending a whole day "singing" yesterday I don't have anything to show for my efforts, apart from a bloody sore jaw...its not used to it... between forgetting the words to my test track (To love Sombody...the Ray Lamontagne version) or getting my co-ordination between guitar and voice wrong I have 100's of takes of a few verses....none of them very good..But I will persevere. I can honestly say its a lot of fun and with a few twiddles it does sound reasonable and improving.

The challenge is to get through a full song without error and see how that sounds.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

I've been using my lovely Ovation VXT to do this, mainly to prevent my voice mic picking up too much guitar sound which can get all out of whack when the pitch correction kicks in.
It is a fantastic guitar on its own, but hooked up to a Zoom A2 using default models for Gibsons and Martin guitars, it provides a fantastic range of really greate tones and sounds. So much better than my Roberts ever did which I always though was good going through the A2.
Also another plus for tie VXT over the Roberts, becuase of its hybrid nature, its much easier to play, with lighter strings and faster neck, the Roberts was not hard to play by any means but its Acoustic strings meant it needed a bit more effort. And you can't beat the fact you can just dial in a monster electic tone on demand for a big bending wail at the right time...should I ever get to that right time...oh well..tomorrow I'll give it another go.


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