Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Mighty Dark Fire Returns.

I'm sure my Mighty Dark Fire is cursed, since its unfortunate accident it has not been out of its case much, though Gibson very kindly sent me the replacment part I need, I don't really posess the tech skill to fit it. So I have been planning to take it to the shop in Northern Holland which Gibson reccoemend, when I have a bit of cash handy....yes I do have insurance cover to pay for it, but I want to be sure I can afford the work just in case. part of my clearing up, I took the beast out of her case and decided I'd have a go at doing just one of the fixes. namely straightening a bent tuning problem thinks I, I will use a tube extension on a screwdriver to apply steady pressure.....and indeed it is now nice and straight, but I broke a string doing so.

Now, changing strings on a guitar is not normally a big deal, an occasional chore you get used to. But since I had not changed them since I got her I decided to give her a fresh set rather than find a match for teh single broken one.
Which actually turned out to be quite a task, requiring a download and check on the manual as to how you actually change the strings on a robot tuner guitar.

After a bit of phaffing about though, the strings come off, the new ones go on, and in typical, ain't that a cool party piece fashion the MDF tunes herself up.

I still need to replace that pickup selector switch, but she's looking damn pretty even with the broken one. Hmmm might give her a bit of a wail later.

Oh and I finally worked out why the Dunlop strap locks that came with it do not fit....the "nubs" fitted to the guitar are not actually Dunlop locks..I think the original owner must have sent the wrong strap side bits and hence why they don't fit. I think they are Schaller's.....small detail but annoying as it means I can't blame gibson for my "faulty" straplocks.


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