Friday, 20 May 2011

Stubborn and old!

I think I'm starting to qualify for that title. I've been trying to get some work related coding done over the last few weeks and failing at every attempt to make it work...on my laptop..worked fine on my PC but laptop refused, and I could not find the problem.
Not such a big deal you may think, but I had to show this code at work to my students..on my laptop. So the frustration levels were growing..Several very late nights, lack of sleep and stress levels rising. Just like the old days.

In the end, it was a simple idiotic thing, a missing pair of "" around a line of text that caused the copy routine moving some lib files to move to the working directory failed.

Arrghhh I should have see that, I really should, 10 years ago, 5 even, I would have seen it..I think I must accept, there are grey hairs on my head, lines on my face, and I keep forgetting what I am doing, which just makes coding such a hard...something!!!

The stubborness comes from not giving up on the problem, cos I refused to be beaten, but also in not asking for some the end it was a casual passing remark by a student that reminded me about the quotes...if I'd asked him 1st I would have fixed it ages ago...but I was sure I could fix it..

I can't I'm human, and worse, I'm an old human, my mistakes are becomeing more and more common and I am not as good as I was......time to get myself an eager sidekick to keep me on .....what was I talking about???



Anonymous said...

When copying big folders from one machine to another, I usually zip them. It's quicker copying 1 big file than lots of little files, and zipping/unzipping doesn't take long.

Also I usually keep the zip as a backup.

Boring old Fart said...

I use SVN to move stuff around between machines, normally thats fine and fast but in this case the problem was that windows 7 copes with spaces in file names but XP does not.

Since I have Win7 at home I had no problem, but XP on the laptop screwed up..zipping would not have resolved this problem, it was a more OS based issue that I realised.