Friday, 7 October 2011


We had a very very disturbing staff meeting yesterday, our head honcho director whom we don't see very often, came to our building, and gave a short talk about the worry surrounding our lack of graduates, some student related issues which I can't discuss and...

well...the and is a big deal, and tbh I can't discuss it in detail either, since there's really rather a lot of apparent misconceptions about our happy bunch of campers which may be getting skewed by the actions of 1 or 2 individuals. This needs to be discussed by us all in some hopefully frank and open debate to see if we need to change some or all of our culture at work.

There may be some intense discussion taking place over the comming weeks to rectify very serious problems which many of us don't actually feel exist, indeed our first step is to see if we do indeed have problems or if some inaccurate reporting of our working environment is being passed to them upstairs....we'll see.

My own view is that there's a break in communications between us and upper managment. That being the case it should be easy to fix, otherwise I can see a lot of confused people wondering what the hell is going on!

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