Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Well THAT was fun

Last year I went on a didactics course to gain a teaching qualification which I felt would be useful then, and now it will hopefully serve me well if this nonsense with the,teachers need a masters, thing ever comes to haunt me.

You may remember I hated the course, it was utter crap, totally useless and left me very frustrated and irritated. Indeed it turned out almost all the other "students" felt the same.

But I do want to get that certificate, so I signed up for another course being run this year which was sold to me on the basis that it was a more traditional tutor led course and today was our 1st day.

I can't say how much I enjoyed it, it was informative, structured, engaging and backed up with reference material and content. Unlike last year which might as well have been an instrution to use google by a "trainer" who's only apparent role was to tech us how to use crappy software in conjunction with google.

Really enjoyed myself and I think others did too. Its going to be quite a bit of work, there's a lot of interesting information to take on board and also a lot of homework and reading to do. But if it keeps going at todays pace it should be a pleasure.


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