Saturday, 22 October 2011

Phew time for a breather.

Its been a busy block, seems like so much more than 7 weeks since we went back to work, but we are knackered and looking forward to our Autumn week off. Well it won't really be much of a week off, got lots of work to do, marking to do, prepping to do and no doubt many other things...but at least I will get some lie ins.

Larry has gone to the music shop for repairs, I suspect a faulty capacitor or similar issue on the output circuits but best to let pro's mess with things like that. She'll be ready on Wednesday

I've been re-working the Jumping at Shadows track, I really have decided I don't like it...its getting better now, I've changed the guitar intro, and I've been working on the big mid part solo to make it more Greeny. In doing so I've realised what a genius he really was. I can play about half the solo, note perfect but just can't get anything like the feeling and expression into it he did, just shows the difference between godlikeguitargenuiuseseses and me.

There's been talk amongst the Breda Ex Pats We Jammin' group (which I help run) to form a band, the talk has been up and down a bit the last few sessions and it seemed to have died down again but this was mainly due to the problems of fitting everything into a bunch of grown up's schedules...but we may have a way to move it forward.
I hope so, I like the idea of being in a band, playing with others has been a revelation for me and pushed my playing forward more than 10 years sitting noodling on my own....that sounds rude.....Hopefully we'll have some more info soon...if not though we still do our 2 weekly jams.


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