Saturday, 1 October 2011

New inspiration

Now that I've been getting the hang of my recording gear I have been searching the web for songs I might be able to manage with my limited vocal range, and that will tax my playing.

One of the songs I want to try is this. Its a bit beyond me at the moment, but something to aim for, so I was looking for alternative versions that might give me some idea of how a limited singer could do it...and then I found this.....and balls to the limited singer.

Its a brilliant version of Mumford and Sons Little Lion man, but in finding I also stumbled on OrtoPilots videos and am totally blown away by the musical and recording skill involved with this amazing artist from Little Hulton near Bolton, UK. Matt Hutchison is his name and why he's not a mega star is just beyond me.

Check them here

His videos are almost always just him, though sometimes with a few friends using the OrtoPilot band name. For sure, some of these covers on his site are 24Kt gold and a source of pure inspiration to keep trying to improve. I spent hours so far going through them, and still not watched all of them.

I noticed on most of his vids he does not use drums, but a Cajon, which is brilliant and a much more subtle and controlled instrument than my cheap electronic drum set which I am starting to find frustrating on anything more complex than basic patterns...quality or the lack of it eventially shows in musical instruments...

So while still basking in I went to the music store today to buy..

My very own Cajon, a DG Bailaor or Fandango models....neat..simple and quite easy to play the basics, but like all things some practice is needed. But its not so noise that the neighbours (or 'er downstairs) are likely to be bothered. Oh and to top it off I haggled the shopkeeper down €25, so even more of a result. Still...160euros for a plywood box is taking the mick a bit...but lets not grumble I couldn't make one myself and the cheap ones they had in stock felt cheap...and learning from the quality shows itself lesson...I walked out with a proper pro plywood box, with snares inside.

I am going to settle on a couple of songs and make an attempt to record them in Garage Band as close as my skill and voice will allow of course using my guitar, Bass and soon to be new found Cajon skills. As well as limited vocal and keyboard stuff...GB also allows me to overlay strings and other things so I basically should have access to a full set of instruments so long as I don't over reach myself too much.

I am not going to attempt the video recordings for now, thats a whole different level of ability, but I am going to have a go at a few simpler covers to see if I can make anything that sounds decent. One or 2 of OrtoPilots vids are just inside my skill level, though it remains to be seen how I can handle the vocals..The key about covers though is not to copy but to make your own versions so I'm going to see what comes out.

Time also for a bit of a re-arrange of the guitar storage...the 6 guitar stand is bloody awesome but I am not yet making best use of my available space...time for a shuffle.


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