Sunday, 16 October 2011

sunday recording

Man this just about killed my hands doing the shuffle...I had to loop it in the end when I could not get more than half way through, fortunately the join is pretty good.

Overall as a 1st pass this isn't too bad, but it does sound horrible on PC speakers, it needs quite a lot of work. I have time next week so will redo pretty much all of it apart from the shuffle, was quite an enjoyable way to pass a sunday though in between bouts of marking.

Next week hopefully I can get some drums on it as well.


nah the more I hear this the less I like it, especially though tinny PC speakers, The guitar isn't right, its off pitch a bit at the start, then its to mournful all the time, I failed to get the anger and drive that you can hear in the original version from Fleetwood mac, of course I can't compete with PG's incredible skills but I should at least make an attempt at needs to be fiercer at the breaks and then go into its soulful sections


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