Sunday, 9 October 2011

Ready for a new week

Have had a really nice weekend, compliments from students, fun guitar stuff (you will not belive what I am tyring to record...I'll tell you if it works), and an excellent curry and drinks with my old friend Martin and his wife Sally. Which I spent 3 hours making and boy, it was worth it. Bina's samosa's were also bloody awesome..we should make more of those and freeze them.

Looking forward to this week now, the bummer meeting has become a much clearer issue for me now and not something I should be overly worried about, when all said and done I'm doing more than ok at work and we're nowhere near having to worry about the masters situation in a couple of years time the other worries are more specific to different people and all I have to do is my job and keep my perspective on what is important, making sure my students move forward to the point they become independantly motivated.

Got a strange late lecture tomorrow at 5 till 6, so I'll have the whole day to look over students work in peace and quiet at home, and so far its starting to look very cool, PR students are starting to get their lightbulb moments, which I have to say is bloody exciting as hell.

IGD students have been hampered a little by the unfamiliarly of team based working and task lists and strange engines, but they are starting to put fingers to keyboard and even though its early days its looking like they will produce some nice nice work.
Now we get to the exciting last few weeks of IGAD Block A, when we find out who is starting to get it and who needs a bit more of a shove.

Then the exams....oh well...I didn't ever say it was all fun ;)


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