Thursday, 28 January 2010

Can't Sleep

Although last weeks cough has lessened, I'm still plagued with occasional fits of coughing, such as now...which is keeping me awake and making a lot of noise, so have retreated to my computer screen to avoid disturbing Bina too much.

Have been very excited reading about the new IPad from Apple, what an amazing device. It opens up totally new possibilities for game development which the Iphone/Ipod Touch started to show but didn't quite deliver...nevertheless it generated incredible sales and had everyone going back to their bedroom coding roots.

Its totally true its a device built to fill a niche that probably does not exist, something between smart phones and Laptops and as such many people simply won't see the point of buying one. But like many Apple products, its perhaps the fact that they have made it that will make people buy it to see what it offers which will drive the sales. I think it will sell millions and create an entirely new niche market that will leave us all wondering how we managed before IPad was around

I am amazed to see that my IPhone developer status immediately means I am able to produce for the IPad and I can't wait to get my teeth into it. More so than I have with the IPhone/IPod Touch, which though lovely (and I could not live without now), I found the lack of physical screen space too awkward to work with on a programming level.

But IPad removes that restriction and gives a resolution that is high enough to give great definition to a game but still low enough that you can produce mid quality art and have it look great.

$499 will probably translate to £499 or €499 when it gets released in Europe, but thats an incredible start price for such a gizmo, I will certainly be putting my name down for the 1st batch (even though I know full well, the 2nd batch will be better :))

The SDK already allows development using a simulator so I'll get my mac fired up and make a start on learning how to get stuff done so I can try to have something on it when it is released. My current side project which the PSP team are working on would be a perfect intro, I'll see if I can arrange it ;)


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