Sunday, 17 January 2010

Human again

Cough is finally starting to relent, still got it but no where near as debilitating.
Also managed to venture out into a surprising snow storm last night (wet snow though so didn't stay on the ground long), for a Poker game which went very well...ended up the clear winner by close of play and took home nearly 70euros.

Not bad despite losing very heavily in a couple of impromptu hands of 7 card stud, which I hate, I ended up just folding on the 7 card games and built up my chips in Texas.

Very enjoyable game and a pleasure to get out and about again after a week locked at home. The other nice effect was being quite drunk when I got back at 2pm and managed to sleep quite well through what was left of the cough so my sleep pattern is nicely back to normal.

Hopefully normal service will be resumed and I can get to sleep in my own bed again, having slept on the couch to avoid disturbing Bina!

Breda's snows are almost all melted away at last and the place is starting to recover though they still have to clear up from New Year, there are still dead fireworks all over the place.


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