Monday, 11 January 2010

Normal service to be resumed soon..I hope

Not very well today, have been suffering from a bit of a chesty cold the last few days which I was coping with but today its turned into a full blown cough cough cough. I went to my guitar lesson, spluttered through it then had a working class later in the morning but was clearly not able to talk for long or stop coughing for long so decided to cancel my afternoon lecture and head for the safety and warmth of home with a bottle of cough mixture the lady behind the counter said would fix me up.

Aside from the sneeze incident last year this is the 1s time I've ever had to cancel a lecture which pisses me off, I was hoping to have a perfect record of lectures come year end. Hopefully I'll be ok tomorrow and will type up a handout on the lecture so they still can get the info needed before class.

My AGT class have been doing amazing work on the PSP project I gave them, I have to take this over by myself in 2 weeks and by the looks of things they are not going to leave me much to do to get this up to commercial quality.

The weather is starting to warm up a bit, if you can call 0 to -3 degs warm, but there are definite signs of a thaw on the way even though it stil insists on having little snow flurries. Definitely looks like we're in for a long cold winter. Bina said she hopes that getting all this snow now will mean it will get it out of the way and it'll be milder in Feb...I doubt that, but her optimism is not always misplaced.

Nothing much more to report, mums parcel containing my birthday card and pressie posted last month have still not arrived, she's a bit upset about that but I guess we'll have to consider it officially lost now.

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