Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Reasons to hate computers -1

I have a spanking new work laptop, an Aspire 7738G. Thats a dual core 2.2Ghz system with a massive 4G ram and an video card to die for.

But it takes almost 17mins to fire up due to the idiotic Windows XP process of booting up multitudes of small files each of which have to be checked by the school supplied virus checker....via the only weak point in most laptops spec...the slow hard drive.

Arghh so I use standby rather that reset most of the time. So imagine my annoyance when I decided to install the new beta2 of Visual studio 2010. 1st off it took over an hour to download, then decided to do an install process that also took close to an 2 hours...why?? Because it forced a reset THREE times!
For basically 3 hours my laptop was uselss becuase I decided to trial an MS product.

get a grip guys!!!!


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