Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

2010 already...and no sign of any space flights to Jupiter by HAL computers...bahhh

We had a lovely time here, stood on the balcony drinking champagne, eating truffles (not too keen on the more traditional oilibollen) and watching Hollands entire collection of fireworks blast off over the course of 50 mins or so.... I've genuinely never seen so many fireworks go on for so long. After 30 mins or so we went up to the top floor to look out from there and were amazed to see it was still going on all over the city. People just went onto the roads plopped down their Superblasterbangwhiz 5000's, lit the fuse and bang...I suspect the A&E depts were a bit busy.

This morning the streets are absolutely covered in firework debris....amazing sight...Next year we're going to start at the top floor (assuming we stay here).

Oh no modelling...had a break :)


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