Monday, 25 January 2010

lazy week

Well not really, have some marking to do and am reading up on my courses for next block, have to teach Open GL to people who already know it!!! But no teaching so no need to rush into the office this week unless theres a total student meltdown. I usually insist that students come to see me for advice in the study week before exam week (this week) and of course no one bothers until 10 to 5 on Friday.

So this week its going to be re-working the OpenGL course, I re-used a lot of the previous tutors course last year but was not very comfortable with it, so I intend to redesign it this year and also to explain some of the main differences between OpenGL and DirectX rather than reinforce stuff they already know.

Not a lot going on in my world at the moment. Bina is busy planning this years holiday, somewhere exotic to celebrate a special landmark birthday at the same time, and I'm just plugging away on my course work and pottering about with some flash and OpenGL code.

I booked mum's flights for her to come over and visit in May and arranged for a nice pressy to be delivered for Danni's Birthday this week. Will sort out a moonpig card today as well.

Oh been fitting in a bit more modeling too, doing a Boulton Paul Defiant :D, though its rather a crappy kit (Pavla) and is proving tricky I have at least got the basic airframe completed, with a few issues, but I'm not going to worry too much about that, should have it finished this weekend if some parts I ordered come through (the guns in the kit were terrible so I ordered some metal replacements with more detail).
I think I have to accept that my modeling skills are being a bit limited by my aging eyesight, I always preferred 1/72 scale models but it is becoming ever more clear to me that I can't see anything at that scale, even with reading might start buying quarter scale kits from now on.

Harvey has been poorly this last few days too, some kind of vomiting bug, he's been franticly trying to eat anything he can get into his mouth, licking the carpets, eating plastic bag, wood, cardboard...anything, then promptly throwing it up again..not nice. After starving him for a bit, he finally seems to be able to keep food down now, but I'm going to take him to the vet later today just to make sure.


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