Sunday, 3 January 2010

The party's over, its time...

To call it a day...

well thats the holidays over and done with, just got back from Schipol where we picked up Jodie, amazingly the trains were no problem and we got back nice and easy.

Back to work/school tomorrow and time to pack up the holiday toys.

I finished the model, well a bit of paint touch up and matt coat to do but that can wait a few days. I decided not to wash it in the end as I could not find any Future clear wax to provide a safe gloss I've left it just looking distressed. I also found the other half of the canopy and glued it together...yes there's a crack but ah well. The point is a managed to finish it which is a good feeling and much better use of free time than pissing about on here. As soon as I work out a way to make my modelling tools stowable I'll start on another and take a bit more care.

oh pics....

totally out of the box apart from the radio cable which I couldn't resist needs to be painted black before the matt coat and the small tensioner (a blob of superglue) painted silver to complete it.

Not a patch on the quality I used to do but as I say nice to get one done for a change.


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