Thursday, 11 March 2010

And now for the fun bit.

Well Jodie liked the house, so we decided on the spot to offer the asking price, which basically means the deal is done, subject to bank approval and so on.
We could have made a lower offer, but since its only just come on the market, there's little chance of them being in a negotiating mood. And we do want this house, it ticks off all our criteria boxes and we want to get in before Winter.

Its a cracking house, has 3 floors with 2 good sized bedrooms on the 2nd floor and a box room that will make a great office, also a large modern bathroom.

Lounge is typically modern Dutch, compact with connected kitchen, but being new (built in 2003) it works for us. Though we will have to update the kitchen at some point and get a proper oven sorted out.

Top floor is the most exciting, its one large open room which we're going to turn into a playroom/2nd louge guest room. It also has a bonus of a small balcony to chill out on so you get sun at both sides.

A garden and storage/work shed complete the package.

It really is just what we are looking for and I hope everything all goes to plan and we don't hit any unexpected issues.

Pics...which are straight off the estate agents site and tbh are not good...surprsingly they make the rooms seem smaller than they are, most estate agent pics exagerate size.


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