Sunday, 21 March 2010


pissed off about a lot of things today, mostly by my heavy poker loss last night, only the 2nd time I've come away out of pocket with that group of keen players...45 euros down, but my god, some amazing hands, in a last desperate attempt to claw it back I went all in on a pair of 9's with an ace kicker on the final hand which everyone also went in with, giving a huge 80+euro pot....I beat 3 of the revealed hands all playing madly with high cards,, only to be beaten by a pair of queens...amazing hand ...a great way to spend an evening even with the loss.

But also quite pissed off by news that the IGDA has not yet revealed the voting results from the recent board election. That is absurd..a democratic process has been turned into a secret ballot by people who's reasons for doing this are not revealed. I have high hopes for this board, knowing some of the members as being proactive people wanting to make changes..but it seems the old guard are still hanging on there and maintaining some concept of superiority.

The are elected, therefore answerable to the members, and to not provide details of the vote which directly relates to the members wishes is beyond farce.

Before they've even started, they may have scored the biggest own goal possible by treating the members like children who don't need to know how things work.....

edit..yup an own goal...I got a response from the board chair Gordon Bellamy which confirmed that the board made the decision by consensus, not to make the results public, just let the candidates know the details and move on.....


They made a decision, not to release the results of a democratic process...who the hell do they think they are?
Apparently there were "well thought out opinions" on why it was a good idea, that a democratic process should be kept secret, but that he was doing all he could to make things better next year.......

Absurd...I hope those people with those well reasoned opinions have had those opinions detailed and noted for the minutes, so we can make a point of booting their idiotic arses off the board 1st chance possible.

Here we are at the 1st hurdle this board has faced and it fails immediately because it knows better what should and should not be made public.

I despair..I really really do.


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