Wednesday, 24 March 2010

House and medical fun

Well the house purchase is moving forward at a fair old pace, we signed the pre-sales contract last Friday. This is something I've not come across before though and is mandatory here in Holland.

Its basically a commitment to buy now that basic terms are agreed. We can still haggle over some issues but essentially it means we can't be gazumped, or indeed we can't back out, without having to pay a hefty fine.

Only failure to raise the finance is allowed to break that agreement. So we're all good to go now.

And on that note, we've been busy chasing up the various documents and insurance schemes and employer decelerations needed...and yes..finally I registered with a Doctor. So that I can have a medical for the life insurance.

Which is just as well since I have to make a small trip to the hospital outpatients tomorrow. I went to the dentist last week, to have a check up and also to investigate a long standing ulcer/infection/something in my gum which has refused to go away despite all the brushing and mouth washing you can imagine.

The dentist said she didn't know what it was and wants me to go see the jaw surgeon at the hospital for better tests. Bugger...I hope my insurance covers this! Pretty sure it doesn't...since dental is extra and I don't think we have that, the visit alone with a couple of xrays was €109...pretty expensive. I hope the outpatients thing is considered medical..which is covered.

Kind of appropriate following on from my last post about US health care. If I have to pay out on this it will be fairly expensive. Fortunately I can probably cover it ok, but imagine if I was on a low income..Then indeed it becomes a choice, as so many US right wingers are saying their choices are being removed by the healthcare scheme..but the only real choice that is left when you have to worry about money is to get treatment or not to get treatment.


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