Monday, 22 March 2010

Education...not health care

So Obama finally got the healthcare bill through...I'm pleased to hear it, as someone put it on facebook, its nice to welcome the USA into the mid 20th century.

I mean...ok so I get that the American mentality is somewhat different to Europe, and they hate the idea of central government telling them what to do (do they mind state government telling them???) But to suggest that Obama is a communist and a fascist in the same breath is staggeringly ignorant of the realities of what is going on.

Reading some of the amazing accusations from so called tea party members, as well as supposedly well educated republican politicians is like listening to 5 years olds descending into my, dad's going to beat up your dad, and your mom and and and, cos he smells bad and...

I mean really...the amounts of absolute twaddle..on both sides, but mainly on the anti side, are just staggering. Is the average American truly incapable of separating fact from fiction, or using their thinking skills to work out when they are being lied to, and can they not tell when they are spouting utter shit?

The most vocal of opponents are those who clearly have absolutely no idea what the health care bill is about..they've picked up on some irrelevant sound byte fed to them by those who want to preserve their income, and used it as a mantra to protect their "freedom" from damn communistic fascists. It really is mind numbing.

“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over”...I'll leave you to work out who said that...but look at it carefully and ask yourself...who said anything about removal of freedoms, who said anything about socialist states, who said anything about death panels..etc.

But it has passed, finally, will it work? Who knows...its still basically an insurance scheme which now more people will pay into and get coverage, and in theory not be refused for medical treatment. With caps set on various fat cats ability to earn mega fees for providing health care...ironically, it could actually end up saving the US billions of $ and reducing premiums due to the larger numbers of people now making contributions. As well as providing a healthier workforce, as the NHS did in the 40's,50's and 60's in the UK (not before being resisted by doctors fearing their earnings would go)

But of course those caps mean, that big corporations can no longer make as much money as they used to..instead of taking money in, they now have to actually pay some out or face the governments new legal systems forcing them to provide healthcare for all.

Think about for all.....I can that not be a good thing?

I can't help but wonder if Obama really has taken on the wrong target, its not healthcare the US needs, its education. It needs to make its people more aware of the way they are so susceptible to clear and false propaganda and also more aware of the way that politics outside of the US has actually produced incredible benefits.

Ultimately it really is about money, there's no erosion of freedom involved, there's no socialistic/communistic/fascist state being set up (don't they even know what that means??) Its a simple government edict to healthcare providers to stop the gravy train and start looking after the people who pay for a service they've been refused to money men, only interested in money. Thats the truth of 21st century America.


God Please the United States of Mamon.


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