Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Found it!!!

Apartment living is cool, but of course with 3 people, it is a little tight for space, but we have incredible benefits of being close to all the amenities we need, the train, the town, work etc. So we've been very reluctant to give all that up.

But needs must,we know at some point we have to bite the bullet and buy a house and due to our age it may be the 1 and only house we buy here. We have been looking at houses on and off for the last 6 months, its been pretty dire. Houses for sale in our immediate area are incredibly expensive, or very very pokey and run down.
Fortunately there's been no great rush, which has allowed us to take our time and view lots of places and rule out those that don't work for us. Too far from station, too far from town, run down, needs work, etc.

Now though I think we've found our perfect house......Close to station (walking distance in fact from here), close to shops, close to work, modern, spacious and at a price we can afford,

The whole process of buying a house is a problem though, it is of course all Dutch to us, so we're going to get some friends to help us and see if we can put in a suitable offer and see what happens.
Oh all this is subject to Jodies approval of course, she's going to come see it with us on Thursday, hopefully to rubber stamp our choice. I think she will approve, she has been quite excited about the idea of a house she can bring friends back to rather than an apartment.
Watch this space...the next few months could get interesting... I won't post pics just now in case it jinxes things.



Mickey said...

Totally unrelated, I just noticed you're using my IGDA "poster" as your profile image.

I'm SOOO cool!

Boring old Fart said...

yeah i use it on the IGDA forums too, though its too big, can you make it a bit smaller without losing detail?

As you know I have had it with IGDA and am going to stand for the board on a, not in my name platform, in an effort to turn it round...I suspect you and me will be the only voters but it might make people notice.