Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Men. Be warned

Fathers, husbands, boyfriends, sons...men... those of you who are "lucky" enough to live with members of the female persuasion.

Look in horror at what a woman can do to you!

Yup...thats my finger there, minus a big chunk of skin and soft tissue, still bleeding some 8 hours after the incident.

An incident caused by the reckless carelessness of a woman.. A WOMAN...who left her leg shaving razor in the shower.
Not content with leaving it in the shower...they left it on the shelf...even worse the left it blade up and exposed...just waiting for someones hand to grasp blindly for the shampoo, leaving behind the devastating injuries you see here m'lud.

I put it to you, that should the guilty party ever be found, they should be severely punished for not only the pain it has caused, but the quite probably lack of much practiced guitar playing at tomorrows IGAD Jam session.

Since it is impossible to determine which of the members of the female persuasion has caused this horrific injury, due to their being 2 of them in this household, both of whom deny any direct knowledge of the placement of this item or torture.. We will have to simply develop a new house rule.

NO razors in the shower.

oh and Brian does not have to do dishes for a week cos he has a poorly finger.



esther said...

How is your finger..got to say that sounds very painful lucky my I've got few more years before she start shaving so am safe.

Boring old Fart said...

I am scarred for life...not just physically :D