Monday, 15 March 2010

God Given Genius?

Well as a devout and practicing athiest I would probably say more a case of innate skills and lots of practice, but who knows...Sometimes some people are just touched by the genius stick.

I've been playing a lot of guitar recently, practicing for the next IGAD Jam (we're doing some metal..gulp) and in the process have been listening to lots of my favorite guitarist. SRV, Peter Green, Clapton, etc...Of course I get quickly snapped back to the reality I can't play even 5% of well as them. Which leads me to simpler things.

I keep coming back time and again to 2 songs, featuring the incredible Ray Lamontagne. The guitar work is actually very simple, but there's a quality in this mans playing that is just so hard to pin down

This is Burn, played Live, and sounding just like the album..His guitar playing is the exact opposite of everyone I am trying to copy, yet in its incredible simplicity it is as pure and moving as anything I've ever heard...oh, and that voice and the passion in the way he uses it.

Anyway..I can almost play this quite happy...I had a go at singing it...and realized again why I haven't really sang for 30 years...its not nice, there's little chance of it ever getting a public outing..but I might work on it.

Also, this keeps getting played on youtube.

Again I now have this very simple guitar pat almost worked out..but the delicacy of his playing is so really hard to achieve, and just listen to those lyrics...wonderful.

If you don't have a Ray Lamontagne album in your collection..get one..they are all amazing and you will almost certainly buy the rest (think there are 3 now). Youtube has lots of his live tracks and fan videos of his album tracks. Go treat yourself..

Oh his duet with Damian Rice (also an amazing player who's simple style hides real feeling)on To Love Somebody, is amazing beyond words.


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