Wednesday, 27 July 2011

grrrrrrr nothing works

Whats up with blogger, it refuses to stay logged in so I have to sign in every time even though I've set the stay logged in option..

And everything else....nothing seems to work easy..I'm getting mega mega pissed of with computers and tech, this laptop especially!!

Anyway...recording gear set up again and one thing I am enjoying is Garage Band, a tinker about last night discovered even more functionality than I realised, I am loving that package when all hooked up it provides amazing studio functionality...though it did of course crash at least once on me...grrrr, and lets not even start on Apples add on Jampack addition process..which does not work!!! doh!

I even found the onboard keyboard options...but have decided to pick up a small/cheap usb midi keyboard to make best use of it. But now I can add strings and piano to my recordings, so long as they are not too technical...but certainly for some horn parps this is great.

My nice t-bone condensor mike which went all crackly on me just as it went out of its 30 day no quibble return policy, so had to go for repair, has come back from and working well again, hopefully for good.

I decided to dip into my VL4 user manual to experiment with some settings to do some decent autotuning on my voice, only to confirm that as expected I really can't sing, even autotune has its limits when you warble as bad as I do..I will have to hold off on my Black Eyed Peas audition for a while....but as I said before I have 1 tune that might work if I can get at least a couple of phrases in tune.

In the meantime, Summertime is starting to take shape, my 1st attempt at mult track recording is a learning process but an enjoyable one...when things work.

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