Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Despite the golden chance to do a bit of recording while Bina is away, I've been too bored, tired or otherwise busy to bother...mostly bored.

The weather has been wet and muggy pretty much the whole week which saps the energy out of any enthusiasm.

Also after Thursdays barnstorming jam, I have to re-connect all my bits and bobs which are lying around in the attic. It is a tedious and boring task getting everything back together again..(though I am putting together a "portable" kit for jams, more later)

But am upstairs starting to put things in place, and as it feels a bit cooler today even if it is still wet. I'll get my kit set up again and see what I can come up with.

While searching for classic R&B numbers for the Ex Pat jams, I heard a really great funky guitar riff the other day which I can't get out of my head,unfortunately I can't get it into my hands either, but its AWESOME All I know it its a G+9 chord, but how its played is a mystery to me at the moment.
How did I not ever hear this before....

Still working on this Sam Cooke version of Summertime though, which I love and can almost play through without errors...Its only taken me about a week to master...almost. I did a dummy recording of it to test it out but will do a proper garage band multi track version soon, withouth the singing of course!

My mobile board is almost complete, now that payday has arrived I've ordered a new switch from my reliable switch maker, the EHX switch has been sent back for a refund and to complete the chain, I bought a new RC-3 Looper standard sized pedal which will fit in the box, which pretty much gives me all the same stuff I carry around when I go to Jams, aside from the VL4 which considering its inabilty to make me sound even remotely in tune may not be as usable as I hoped. So I think it can stay at home in future.

That said, I may have found a number which the VL4 can work with, since it matters not if my voice gets autotuned to death...we'll see, I'll reveal all after some tests.

Oh well, typing all this isn't going to get my amp power cable fed up behind the desk is it....better crack on.

Oh a small post script...Bina passed another of her MBA assignments with an A...I'd say I'm very proud of her, but she knows it ;)


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