Saturday, 16 July 2011

Play time :D

Still a few mistakes, and I think my timing is off on a few places, but I am really pleased with this effort, 100% improv off the cuff as I was testing a really cool new footswitch I had made special for me, which lets me hook up my radio transmitter to 5 output lines, so I can have all my different amps and fx pedals all hooked up. I just need to hit the switch for the output path I want. I can play acoustic, electric and bass just by plugging in my wireless bug and messing about with my choice of signal to the recording system, in this case, Digitech Jamman then into my mixer for use by GarageBand.

It works brilliantly and silently, you just can't hear when I switch from the G-Dec->Jamman to an A2->VL4->Jamman and back. Really pleased, this means I can keep my amps and pedals set up the way I like them and don't have to reroute wires whenever I want to play a different set up.

Also has the advantage that I can keep the Gdec backing track thats playing and change fx without losing the track.

Posting this so I can look back on it in a year or so and comment on how bad I am/was/

Mind you there is one downside to all this pedal magic, having to unplug it all when we go to jam nights and then restore it when we get back....but I think I'll travel lighter to future jams, just a guitar and a multifx pedal.


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