Friday, 15 July 2011

Schools out for summer!!!


Today is our last working day, though we pretty much finished up on Tuesday, I have had a few minor things to finish and a short meeting to do in Rotterdam this afternoon, then its time for the summer hols...weeee I love this part of academia, long relaxing breaks where year...hmmm
something wrong there. I'm sure we will fit in some holidays :D

I started a new set of Jam sessions a couple of weeks ago, with members of the Breda ex Pats society and musical work collegues and its proving to be very very successful, everyone is enjoying themselves and some really good music is starting to come out of it.

Its still at an embyonic state at the moment and a lot of fun to see people with all very different muscical tastes getting together to find a common purpose, but it really is starting to work. Last nights session saw us attempt several songs from scratch which many had never even heard of before, blues, rock, jazz and was bloody awesome. Going to be a regular thing from now on, hopefully we can settle into a core group of people with a set of standard songs and play the odd small gigs. Carnegie hall perhaps?


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