Thursday, 7 July 2011

My Last One..

For a while at least...Well its kinda a guitar, but more of a teaching aid. I want to improve my fretboard range, but have lots of problems visualing the scales in different keys, so have invested in a Fretlight guitar

Its a cool tool, which you hook up to your computer and it lights up the frets you need to press for chords, scales and so on, it can even walk you through lots of songs so you can get accurate notes from most types of Guitar Pro tabs of which there are many.

I use tabs a lot and as the Fretlight ad blubs points out, having the lights on the fretboard stops you bobbin your head up and down between tabs and fretboard and you can be more certain with your placement..only think it does not help with is finger selection.

Its also a fairly competent guitar but really I want it for its teaching abilities, I've gotton quite good at my tone and feel, over a few limited keys and even my rythm has improved, but checking out the whole board so you can move all over to get the right notes in the key is something I need to work on.

What I didn't cotton on to when I ordered it from a company in Norway is that Norway is not part of the EU, though it is part of the common market. But it got stuck in customs for a while...finally released today so I can expect it in the next day or 2.

Anway...that's it...there will be no more guitars, unless one gets sold.


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