Friday, 22 July 2011

Why so complicated?

As much as I love computers, I have to after all, there is no doubt they seem to be capable of draining the very life out of you when it comes to doing what should be relativly simple tasks.

I took some video footage of our ex pats Jam session last night (which was a huge amount of fun despite my reservations about doing guitar duties alone) and I have about 40 mins of footage I want to put on our We Jammin facebook group.

simple enough eh!!


40 mins is too much for FB, 20 min limits. You have to cut it.....ahhhhhhh thats easy.


Downloaded some software which claimed to be video cutting software for youtube and other sites....
ok it works...but it takes fucking hours to load the 40 min movie.. this one
Free Video Cutter is simple to get hold of, install and apparently operate...but at the time of writing, over an hour after setting it to just load the video, so I can then cut it, its still at 36/60 creating video Thumbs...huh...

So I left it running in the back ground and downloaded something called Kates free video cutter, and yes it at least loads the video, but actually cutting it up into 15 min sections takes.....15 mins....per section.

I mean, come on...........its possible to slide forward and back though a video player why the hell is it needed to play in real time to the point you want to cut then process that??

Anyway, after 15 mins, I did eventually have a 15 min mpg file to upload to facebook.
Thats easy enough.


FB's video upload is a seems to up load in small 50Kbyte chunks then a pause as it does something then next 15 mins woth of video is apparently going to take 1h20min to upload...OMG.

So simple tasks....totally fucked up by technology thats supposed to make our lifes easy.

Oh the Irony.

Edit...after taking ages to hangs
and FB has this to say

Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.

bloody computers.


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