Thursday, 28 July 2011

Pedal board is complete

Still waiting for my new switch to arrive but here's the final part of my "mobile/gigging" board, a small loop pedal.

I normally use my brilliant Digitech Jamman, which is getting a little old now (actually its been out of production for a couple of years now) but its still my favourite pedal type toy, but its size and need for AC current make it a bit hard to add to a self contained/1 plug board..So I bought this. In some ways it outdoes my Jamman but also it has limits that my jamman does not have. Not to worry, as far as recording short chord sequences and phrases from the guitar to allow for self accompniment at our jams are concerned this will do the job perfectly. It does not mix voice/mic loops, but lets be honest, with my voice thats a bonus. Though I can if I want to make use of the stereo in/out and plumb a mike into 1 channel and guitar into another.

So the Jamman now gets left set up full time on my home setup and the RC-3 gets a home in the new gig board.

and here it is in place, my all in one (more or less) pedal solution

The switch when it arrives, will be carried around inside the box, but if I plan to use it (with my hybrids), I'll place it outside the box and connect it to a Zoom Acoustic pedal, which in turn can then go into either the Looper stereo output direct or via the VL4 if I take it with me. I can even use the spare power leads, with the switch to put a whawha pedal or Zoom G2 in the signal if I choose, so all in all a very good basic setup with the chance to expand outside the box if needed/

The looper also takes an aux input so the Ipod/pad can be plugged in there for backing track playback if needed.

1 box, 1 plug for normal use..if I need to take the Zoom A2/VL4 with me it lives in another box but can be plugged to the signal chain with little or no effort.

Really pleased and much more dismantalling bits of my home setup to go to jams, just pick this up lock the lid down and take it and a guitar.

happy bunny....


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