Friday, 8 July 2011

Nice...very different

Now that the annual end of year marking frenzy is out the way I got some time to sit down and play with my new toys.

I'm liking the fretlight a lot, though it does not really compare in terms of quality with my other guitars, thats not what it was bought for. Its a decent enough guitar, though I did have to file down a sharp spot on a fret when I ran my hands up and down it, the strings are coming off 1st thing tomorrow, whats on there is like barbed wire without the spikes, a new set of Ernie Balls should make a big difference.

But it does make a decent sound and the light system is really cool. I stuck up the full fretboard notes of Gm and was really pleased at the range it let me play with...still have to memorise all the different keys and placements but it was an eyeopener for me, especially the lower ranges.

Its funny, the ad blurb goes on about how much easier it is to watch the lights than bob your head back and forward on screen but I am so used to that I actually find it a little hard to follow a tab without reading...but not to worry, new things always take time to grasp.

The supplied software though...hmmm not so great, and I was not pleased to see they were trying to charge more for song arrangments and so on, that really is something they should do for free to support their kit.

But not to worry, I bought a "1 time expense", copy of Guitar pro 6 for Fretlight which lets me use my pretty vast tab collection with it, now I can be certain of not missing a note and no more money needs to be sent off.

Also has the advantage I can see other areas of playing occuring and electronically modify them to overdub stuff like rythm, lead and bass, even some keyboards all on my guitar....well thats the plan.

Customs did make a big error, the supplier has never heard of this kind of problem before, so I'm going to photo copy everything and send it off to Customs for a nice fat rebate.


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