Saturday, 11 February 2012

Getting the groove right

I've been toying with drums for a while, I own a very basic electronic drum kit but its not great for learning on and lets face it I have no real sense of rythm so I've been using it more for patterns and occasional high hats. I like my Cahjon a lot really need to get into that more. But I need a drummer who can play some groves for me and let me noodle along. Backing tracks and in built rythms on my pedals work ok but your kind of fixed into the 1 groove for ever or can only play as long as the track lets you.
When I want to play something I like, especially old blues songs, getting that ch ch ch ting/boom rythmn which then changes as it build ups mid way and speeds and up slows down as the mood changes, is not always easy to find, or indeed control without stopping playind and clicking on computers or something else, losing the groove.

I assumed there would be loads of guitarist drum machines on the market but it turns out there are very few and almost all adhere to the standard 3/4 4/4 rock/latin/samba type of offerings...I want something more flexible, something I can control, preferably set up on a PC and switch on and off , build up, slow down and change the grove with my feet while I play.

There are VERY few things on the market that do that...shock!

The closest is this

Which is impressive though it needs some extra pedals and software to get the best out of it.

Needless to say I'm going to try it out.

Lets hope it does the job or I may have to hire a drummer by the hour to live in thestore cupboard.


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