Thursday, 9 February 2012


Marking marking so much of it.

Though have tried to make a point of only doing it during working hours or when I have nothing else to do, so it does not take over my life...As always the best laid plans didn't quite work out as expected, a lot of the assignments needed careful review and reading which when you're dealing with code is a lot of reading.. Fortunatly I have one of those memories where if I see something I can recall if I've seen it before...but not always where.

Probably going to be another week, and as usual I've got people screaming that some things need to be prioritised, breaking my pattern of working on 1 thing at a time...but hey ho. I've got a big chunk of time today so might get the 1st load of IGD's finished and then do some emergency AGT's sorted out (they need the grade to be able to do other things)

Took time off a couple of evenings this week though, on Tuesday I went to the Speeltuin cafe (the play ground) which is famous for its jam sessions on Tuesday nights, you turn up, get on stage and play, basic kit is available though it seems the dedicated bring their own kit.

I almost get up with my guitar playing collegue Oliver to do a bit of blues but the stage got overtaken by a bunch of regulars who almost certainly play as a band and hogged the stage most of the night...Very good though, they played really well and way above my standard so I wasn't tempted to muscle in at any point, though Oliver joined in a few times quite impressively desptite bemoaning the quality of the guitar on offer.

Also last night, Wednesday, was the Breda Ex pats quiz night, which is a semi regular english quiz, run by the Ex pats society. My team, the Bald and the Beautiful, have won every one so far, and last night was no exception, 5 in a row.

Exciting as it is to win, its starting to get a bit much now so I think we're going to stand down for a while to give the other teams an incentive to keep coming. There was a low turnout last night due to weather and other things and we don't want to be responsible for putting people off....5 in a row though :)

Off to the docs in an hour to see about my cough, its now 7 weeks, its not as bad as it was, but its still there and it needs to be sorted out.

Then another chunk of marking and a quiet night in.



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