Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Musical Differencse

We lost our lead guitarist Martin, for our band (provisionally called We're still Shit). Which is a shame, as he's really brilliant, but was not enjoying the slower style of music we were doing, though we had a few faster numbers in the practice pipeline... I'd noticed his frustration the last couple of practice sessions he was not at all into it, and redoing things 10 times when you're not enjoying it can't be fun...a bit like having to play never ending Bryan Adams its not Heaven..its hell!!

That means I have to take on lead duties for a while until we find a new lead guitarist...if we find a new lead guitarist ...gulp.

I think this may be the start of a fragmentation among the group though, we're not really getting together often enough and not all sharing the same musical tastes so our compromise style is not suiting some people if they are away from their preferences too long. As happened with Martin, he much prefers heavy rockier/punky stuff to the slower blues/pop stuff we've started practicing.

I did actually manage to get my head round Foo Fighers Monkey Wrench, but we never got a chance to play it with him

Oh well...musical differences are real after all, and its not just a case of someone having a strop and walking off.
I wonder who's next...I have my suspicions...we'll see.

For now, time to find a Lead Guitarist.

We are having a mini practice this week, probably just 3 of us, Britta the singer, Ed on bass and me, if it goes well I will try to record something and see how we sound...if it goes this space till we get something good enough to post.


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