Sunday, 26 February 2012

Things lasted forever when I were a lad

My nice bendy springy studio mic stand which pivots all over the place, broke this morning, snapped at the base so it can't be repaired it wasn't even being used in anger just moved out of the way of the screen.

Dammit, I've only had it 5 cost 80quid and it falls apart after 5 months...thats madness, it wasn't even as if it was getting full pro usage. I've sent a snotty mail to the seller, who is a shop specialising in mics and stands on ebay so hopefully I'll get a refund or replacement under sale of goods act or something but I'm not happy about that. Things you pay decent (I know there are much more expensive mic stands but that was far from being cheap) money for should last a life time or a couple of years at least...5 months!!!!!

Rant over...back to working on tomorrow's lecture.


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