Saturday, 25 February 2012

Last Day to clean up.

Well technically yesterday was the last holiday day, this is just the weekend..And Sunday I need to prep for work, so this is my last day to muck about and do...shit!!

In this case re-arranging my pedals and amps and putting the newcomers into place.
The AD3 just for fun does not have a flat bottom (????) to allow it to be velcro'd so its sat in place rather than fixed, and of course the Behinger board won't fit but it looks ok up front.
Last thing to go in place is my new RC-300 loop station which will sit next to the FCB1010

The AD3 now sits last in the chain, which is fine since putting it into tuning mode puts it into bypass when I don't want to use it, though it does sadly make the drum triggers on the 1010 board and the programmed drum beats, go silent...think its a bug, I will see if I can find another bypass system that will let me keep the drums on the pedal...should be possible!
Though I don't mind putting it into an amp mod mode and straight into its fine, its' only an issue if I want to then feed the signal into an amp, which I do less and less, preffering the Amps to be a cleaner signal which is why the Dunlop Crybaby is exclusive to the Marshall.
I'll need to get a couple of right angle 2ft patch cables to tidy up the cables but plugged in it all works a treat and has nice shiny lights that glow in the dark..oohh!!

Its sad that the new pedal fetish is starting to out grow the original board, but it still manages to keep everything tidy and accessable...I think I'm pretty much done with pedals now, I hae distortion, flangers, phazes, delays and loops of course so pretty much everything is covered, the only problem area is a drum machine since the ADIII really does not want to play nice with drums, but not going to worry about that, I can create MIDI files on Hydrogen, play them on my Millenium budget e-drums from the PC or Ipod/pad if I really need to get drums sorted....So I think I'm done.

The Youtube vid went out of sync a bit towards the end then came back so I need to adjust that, but overall am quite happy with the quality of it for a webcam its very good indeed, experimentation and a few more tests will find a perfect balance I'm sure, not that I expect to post much on youtube, but we'll see.

I think now that the skill levels have improved to the level I can actually play a few tunes right through its time to get on with making some music of my own. I like loop pedals and now I have 3 of them with 5 tracks (and 6 if I really pushed it by using the G-dec) I think its time to see what I can do with them..Blues does not really work for looping, but I quite like ambient dance/trace stuff, so maybe will have a play with that...or not ;)


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