Friday, 24 February 2012

It works..I think

My 1st ever "music" video.

It was a major pain getting this to record video and audio...The Mac would see the camera and make movies, but not get audio...I tried using editing packes to sync the audio but it never worked. So decided to put the camera in the PC..great...only now sound since it goes into the Mac...ermmmm

So..this is the Mac playing the backing track in Garage band, processing my guitar then sending the sound to the PC which did allow me to select the input for Audio from my new Sound card (well worth the 40quid just for that) and voila..

I think the sound is synced ok, I was expecting huge lag but it seems to be pretty much on the button.

So there it is my 1st ever performance video..its just a test so I'm not worried about the many mistakes, I'lll try to do more vids in future.

Oh and yes I do have an expression when I play...if you watch the eyebrows carefully they do move up and down sometimes...not in time to the music though!!


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