Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Real pain is....

Having new toys to play with but absolutely no time to play with them.

The Adrenalinn III FX/Drum pedal and FCB 1010 midi board arrived today, incredible service as always from Thomann.de pretty much next day delivery.

I can't really use the midi board anyway, though its perfectly possible to program it and do all kinds of things to make it work with the AdrenalinnIII, I bought a special PROM from the US which automatically programs it to work with the ADIII as a dedicated board (I have no other midi kit so might as well). I'll hold off on playing with that till the PROM arrives and is fitted, no sense in learning stuff only to end up not using it in the end.

If I can finish the marking in the next day or 2, I will finally have a whole week of free time (aside from my Didactics resit) next week for Spring(????) holiday, when I plan to do a monster recording session or 2 and get to know my new toy.

Anyway...I plugged it it to try it out and the drums sound amazing..I'll restrict myself to that for now...back to marking.


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