Thursday, 2 February 2012

There's no end to it.

Not the Marking, that will end eventually, if I live that long. But the constant meetings that seem to get crammed into this week, the only real week when I have no student activity, which leaves scant time left for marking and course prep.

But as I sit waiting to go into another meeting, I though I'd check out my train fares to Nantes/Saintes in July for my guitar course. Took a little bit of doing but eventually I got it sorted out. 135 euros and 6 or so hours, not bad, certainly cheaper and faster than the car, once you factor in the cost of fuel and tolls, with the added advantage of being able to read/snooze on the train.
What was even more surprising was that if I go 1st class, its cheaper!!!!!! 6 whole euro's cheaper...didn't expect that. Good for NS Trein, Fyra and TGV, whats more its only 3 trains to travel quite some 670km :D

Can't actually book it yet since it seems they only have a 3 month advance booking option, but good to know that the train can take the strain without killing my wallet.


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