Wednesday, 15 February 2012

please make it stop

I had a break, frankly marking is making me google eyed and my fingers were getting soft from the lack of guitar playing, and since we have band practice tomorrow and...oh I can't think of any more excuses...I needed to twiddle with my new pedal

It really is neat, many of the settings are pretty tradional tone based fx, all very nice and really clean, but its the Sequencer fx and ryhthm based stuff that makes the ADIII stand out, here's something I was messing about with to see what the difference is with short, sustained chords and single notes..I found if I kept a bass note going as I was strumming or picking notes I got the most amazing groove going...
I recorded it.
The drums are the machine of course which locks down the beat, but the rest of it is one guitar playing a few chords and single note lines while maintaning a base note rhythm..its brill, I need to work out how to expand this into a song. I even played some blues licks over it at one point and it sounded good, so maybe some trippy blues this space during next weeks Bina's in Iceland so Brian's going to record in his underwear week.


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