Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Will it ever end?

The modelling I mean, not the shopping trip to Eindhoven we went on today:) Now I remember why I gave it up, takes aaaages..

But today decals were added and as is usual on kits these days, no tail swastikas, I know the reasons for this of course but its bit sad that the powers that be feel that putting accurate symbols on model kits might somehow cause the return of the Nazi's. I do have a stock of swastika's in my decal collection but I'll leave it off as I decided I was going to build this kit out of the box with no extras.

Disaster though...the gunners cannon fell into the cockpit and there's no way I can get it out short of removing the cockpit and fishing for it..not a good plan after paint and varnish is on..I'll leave it, and worse I dropped the center sliding canopy which then got broke. I've only been able to find half of it, either the dog or the carpet monster has swallowed up the rest. I may break my OOB rule and scratchbuild a new centre canopy...we'll see how I feel.

Anyway pic, and notice of an important event, this month has the highest post count of any so far...must have had a lot of drivel to discuss...oh yes...I did didn't I! we go, just after decals applied. I used microscale micro set to place the 1st couple but it seems the gloss coat was just too impermeable and the set just formed bubbles on the surface so I stopped using it after the top crosses.

The decals were quite thick but the film was clear and transparent so I didn't bother doing a lot of trimming on the excess. Micro sol was then used to soften them into the panel lines but due to the thickness it barely worked, so several dabs were applied. Since the bottom crosses partially sit over slat supports I focused on those and it seems to be forming ok. We'll see tomorrow.

Tomorrow, some paint touch up on wheels/rads, application of dive brakes and decals, slat balancing horns, exhausts and carb covers, tail supports, pitot tubes and intakes, another coat of gloss, then a wash, then a matt coat then finally add the antennae and wiring....then decide on the canopy!

fun fun fun...if you're a sad geek that is.


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