Saturday, 24 July 2010

Art that moves you

Bina and I are agonising over a decision to buy a piece of art thats on display at a local art shop..we're agonising because its stunningly beautiful and also quite expensive...not Picasso expensive but nearly a grand is a lot for us.

What do you think? Though looking at it on computer is just no substitute for viewing the real thing, it is stunning and large, over a metre wide, its a limited edition of 15, fancy digital collage of photographic images of the landmarks around Breda mixed brilliantly with period sketches and drawings. The more you look at it the more you recognise pieces of the town, from the imposing old Church to some of the wacky modern art.

there's a more detailed zoom in view available here

We're going to sleep on it and see if its still available tomorrow, Bina tried to haggle over the price but the lady in the shop would not budge as she has others interested..if thats true, we need to make a decision tomorrow.

hmmm hmmm hmmmm I suppose it makes more sense than buying a guitar ;) And it would really look fantastic in our new home, a fantastic representation of our new city.

We'll see if hearts overrule heads in the morning, or if fate will make the choice for is when we wander past the shop tomorrow.


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