Saturday, 10 July 2010

Closer to god?

Someone asked me, quite recently in fact..."has cancer brought you closer to god, or humility."
This was a comment on a post I put here, I decided not to publish it, as the rest of it was a bit of a mad rant.

Bit of a strange question but then again the person asking it is a bit strange.


Now you have your answer, I think it might be wise to keep your god questions to yourself becuase I have no interest.



Anonymous said...

im not strange...just a victim of your abuse

Anonymous said...

when you come out of your denial stage,,,maybe then you'll wake up to the anormatiy ABUSE has on a person....and of course your not going to publish....GET DOWN ON ALL FOURS,,,,are you Brian...You blog away...The word SORRY ,,,has never once crossed your mind...has it.only YOU and ME know the real truth and if you admit to that you would look very stupid indeeed.Because thats a side of YOU. that you want to forget,,,I NEVER WILL.

Anonymous said...

Youre dealing with cancer now,you have your own demons to face.I hope God Is looking down on you.
I won't be.

Anonymous said...

I wont be looking at your blog again...i think you have your hands full and as sympathetic as i am for your ordeal of cancer. I have my own self respect back now. And thats something you and no one will ever take away from me again.

Boring old Fart said...

Why should't I publish, Susan, your own own words here show that you are still quite clearly ill.

for the benefit of others, when Bina and I split a few years ago, I had a go at dating again, and met Susan..however it was pretty clear with a few weeks that she had some some very strange issues, which became more and more apparent. As she started to give me some insight into her history of mental problems, it was clear that she still had some problems to resolve and I backed away..

But I tried to help, in many different ways, helped her move, helped her find medial help, helped her get emergency crisis counselling, helped her financially, even called the ambulance and police during her attempts to take overdoses...

Basically all this help got twisted into something else...she wanted someone in her life and anyone who walked away was abusing here..just like all the ex's she would describe to me in similar terms here.

So Susan is ill, and thats a shame, but really why is this still my problem?
Every 6 months or so she crops up, like a stalker, with some rant about hell and damnation, abuse, hate, love, pity hurt, the whole range..and frankly I'm kinda tired of it.

I've told you time and time again to get help but you never do.

So for the last time....please....get some help and leave me in peace.

Anonymous said...

and if cancer hasnt drawn you closer to God.It's done one thing for you...its given you respect for life precious and fagile it can be...were only mortal. Goodbye Brian,,,and good luck....