Monday, 5 July 2010

Via the medium of mime

Although I don't want to dwell too much on the cancer thing in this blog, I thought I'd put down a little note on whats going on at the moment, but in true not concentrating style I posted this in the cancer blog by here it is again.

I can't talk at the moment. The Radio Therapy I am having has started to kick in with its side effects, at the 2 week mark as promised pretty much on schedule.

As side effects go, its not too bad, and tbh I can cope with just not talking for 4-6 weeks..I'm sure it will meet with everyone else's approval :D as they get a word in theres the bonus that anything I say won't be misconstrued and turned into something nasty.

But it is a bit strange, funny and frustrating. I "can" talk if I have to, it just hurts like hell when I form certain sounds which are a bit random and too painful to experiment with. Today is a little easier than yesterday but fact is I have another RT treatment later today which will kick it back in tonight and subsequent treatments will make it progressively worse. So silence is the other of the day now.

I'm kinda dreading this weeks sessions though since the dreaded sore throat from hell is due to make its appearance any day now.

Of course the worst thing is, while its perfectly possible to indicate you can't speak with a few hand gestures..I think its pretty much impossible to say, I can't speak, can you speak to me in English!!!!

I am thinking of getting a few t-shirts printed up, but can't think of anything funny enough to put on them, I'll probably just have to carry a card round with me, "Sorry can't speak at the moment due to medical treatment, please speak to me in English..thanks"...need to be a big card, might just hang it round my neck.

and maybe take up mime classes ;)


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