Wednesday, 7 July 2010

PC or Mac?

I bought one of thse gadgets on ebay (my favourite shopping place) for less than a tenner.

To let me have a try at hooking my guitars up to the PC and experiment with various audio/recording packages.
It arrived pretty quick, and is a simple enough toy. I used it on my Mac 1st because it comes with Garage Band already installed..a bit of fiddling later I had Frankie hooked up and wailing away through the really was impressive and I'm quite sold on GB.

This morning I installed the drivers and other stuff on the PC...downloaded some packages those suck...the PC has some kind of issue with latency resulting in a very long (though adjustable at the expence of quality) delay between plucking a note and hearing it.

Why? I mean really...Garage Band has no noticable latency, even though I am sure some signal processing is taking place, but still, you pluck, you hear.. On go make hear.

Rubbish. My 1st real tangable example of a Mac (lower CPU power than my PC) clearly outperforming a PC.

I shall be using the Mac to experiment with computer sound recording from now on, not even going to bother with the PC.


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